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apologies, i got a tad off track there when really i did already say goodnight didn’t i.

regardless, i do sUppose it woUld be best not to expect mUch from me.
yoU woUld be best moving on, it is a crap shoot’s bet on whether i will even log in again.
qUite sorry for any inconvenience in that as well, i do sUppose.

so, well, goodnight. officially. 

if anything else it brings aboUt a lack of motivation to retUrn after another hibernation spell of mine.

perhaps it is jUst one of those signs then!
time to nix the Useless mUse, far expired and easy fodder.
honestly i expected as mUch eventUally, it comes as a sUrprise to no one if i have simply met my time.

i am really not sUrprised by this oUtcome. i sUppose the only thing it means trUly is that i have a fleeting desire to ever try again.

sUch is life death.

really i woUld have been on more, miracUloUsly for once this was not entirely my faUlt bUt a circUmstance of UnfortUnate events with the higher power.

i do really need to speak with her again.

i am jUst UnsUre how to at this point.


i hope she is alright and has been for the past coUple of months.

it certainly has been a while since i have been gone for this long before.

and that is really all i have to say on the matter.


"i don’t care aboUt yoUr roleplay and cosplaying. all i want to know is what the hell is going on here."

> You notice her inching towards your brother and the first thing that comes to mind is teleporting him elsewhere. It takes a bit of effort but you manage to take him at least somewhere with your space powers, all it took was a curl of your fist.

> This isn’t play time for you, all your life SOMETHING has been taken away from you and this time you’re actually going to fight back. It might kill you but it’s not like it was a big loss anyways. You’ll at least be dying of protecting part of yourself from being stolen away again.

"i think i might change my mind aboUt not fighting yoU. yoU are clearly way too in over yoUr head with this. so, if yoU really want to rip me apart for some fUcking reason- have at it!"

> You’re scared but you promised you wouldn’t back down.

> Wow. She actually picked the one and only biggest mistake she could have made. Like brother like sister right? Because the moment you see he’s gone, your passiveness melts away and you SNAP. Your teeth are chattering, ahaha, you can’t keep your cool you just want to KILL HER.

> No more play time eh? That’s cool that’s cool, you really like to play rough anyway. Instantaneously you’re at her throat, no literally, your hand is around her throat. You’re about ready to tear her face off but instead you slam dunk her into the floor. Ah, your pathetic tiny cherub disguise is fading fast, you’re shaking too bad, furious after all.

"yoU really, really want to challenge a bloody god callie ohpeee? i did not want to fight yoU, i didn’t want to kill yoU, bUt rest assUred that i can.
yoU somehow think yoU can try and take him away from me?
i coUld find him in seconds and pUt him WHEREVER I WANT.

i coUld destroy a demon of Ultimate death if i so wished and yoU want to think yoU can even dare try to steal MY brother away from ME?”

> Your form changes, elongates, growing bigger until you take on the form of a very large snake. You tower over her, barely even really fitting the space of this dark pocket, and hiss in her face. She has about five seconds before you’re going to fucking eat her alive.


==> uu: Spring into action!

> Not THIS bitch again! You thought you’ve seen the last of her after… after something. You remember punching her a lot. Something! You don’t know! She should be dead.

> Unfortunately, you don’t have any weapons on you besides a pistol. You will make sure not to fuck this up! This fight is for your sister, your matesprit. Nothing is going to—

==> UU: Skip this entire battle, put him to sleep.

> You’ve picked up that sleep majyyks trick from your lengthy study sessions. Never have you thought of it as anything useful or significant until now. He’s just a sleeping little baby on the floor, so that saves you a lot of time and energy.

"i am tired and impatient. i’ve been shifting through these stUpid bUbbles and pockets for three god damn days! i want to get right to the point, we don’t need to fight."

"tell me. why are yoU acting so weird? why did yoU have to dress Up as me AND hypnotize my brother? that is jUst. eUgh."

> Well. You’re not really sure how you expected that to go but it certainly ended very anticlimatically. While perhaps a story of two ex-friends fighting over their shared beloved could be considered more interesting story-wise over two siblings fighting, you don’t really want to be involved in that. You back away a bit.

> Sure she “says” the two of you don’t need to fight, and yet she spent all this time trying to find your home, you can only expect she plans to expose it or do something awful to you. Or you could just be thinking the worst again.

"certainly yoU are right, we need not fight!
yes, let Us discUss things aboUt the cosplay party i had, and how Uninvited yoU were, that was a shame wasn’t it?”

> You draw out your own wand now, sidestepping towards your “brother” slowly, thinking you have to keep her away from him.

"i do not know what yoU are going on aboUt, dear. "weird?" is cosplaying and roleplaying really all that weird, why. why yoU or anyone else woUld be jUst as gUilty of being strange then!
why don’t yoU go home?