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"i don’t care aboUt yoUr roleplay and cosplaying. all i want to know is what the hell is going on here."

> You notice her inching towards your brother and the first thing that comes to mind is teleporting him elsewhere. It takes a bit of effort but you manage to take him at least somewhere with your space powers, all it took was a curl of your fist.

> This isn’t play time for you, all your life SOMETHING has been taken away from you and this time you’re actually going to fight back. It might kill you but it’s not like it was a big loss anyways. You’ll at least be dying of protecting part of yourself from being stolen away again.

"i think i might change my mind aboUt not fighting yoU. yoU are clearly way too in over yoUr head with this. so, if yoU really want to rip me apart for some fUcking reason- have at it!"

> You’re scared but you promised you wouldn’t back down.

> Wow. She actually picked the one and only biggest mistake she could have made. Like brother like sister right? Because the moment you see he’s gone, your passiveness melts away and you SNAP. Your teeth are chattering, ahaha, you can’t keep your cool you just want to KILL HER.

> No more play time eh? That’s cool that’s cool, you really like to play rough anyway. Instantaneously you’re at her throat, no literally, your hand is around her throat. You’re about ready to tear her face off but instead you slam dunk her into the floor. Ah, your pathetic tiny cherub disguise is fading fast, you’re shaking too bad, furious after all.

"yoU really, really want to challenge a bloody god callie ohpeee? i did not want to fight yoU, i didn’t want to kill yoU, bUt rest assUred that i can.
yoU somehow think yoU can try and take him away from me?
i coUld find him in seconds and pUt him WHEREVER I WANT.

i coUld destroy a demon of Ultimate death if i so wished and yoU want to think yoU can even dare try to steal MY brother away from ME?”

> Your form changes, elongates, growing bigger until you take on the form of a very large snake. You tower over her, barely even really fitting the space of this dark pocket, and hiss in her face. She has about five seconds before you’re going to fucking eat her alive.


==> uu: Spring into action!

> Not THIS bitch again! You thought you’ve seen the last of her after… after something. You remember punching her a lot. Something! You don’t know! She should be dead.

> Unfortunately, you don’t have any weapons on you besides a pistol. You will make sure not to fuck this up! This fight is for your sister, your matesprit. Nothing is going to—

==> UU: Skip this entire battle, put him to sleep.

> You’ve picked up that sleep majyyks trick from your lengthy study sessions. Never have you thought of it as anything useful or significant until now. He’s just a sleeping little baby on the floor, so that saves you a lot of time and energy.

"i am tired and impatient. i’ve been shifting through these stUpid bUbbles and pockets for three god damn days! i want to get right to the point, we don’t need to fight."

"tell me. why are yoU acting so weird? why did yoU have to dress Up as me AND hypnotize my brother? that is jUst. eUgh."

> Well. You’re not really sure how you expected that to go but it certainly ended very anticlimatically. While perhaps a story of two ex-friends fighting over their shared beloved could be considered more interesting story-wise over two siblings fighting, you don’t really want to be involved in that. You back away a bit.

> Sure she “says” the two of you don’t need to fight, and yet she spent all this time trying to find your home, you can only expect she plans to expose it or do something awful to you. Or you could just be thinking the worst again.

"certainly yoU are right, we need not fight!
yes, let Us discUss things aboUt the cosplay party i had, and how Uninvited yoU were, that was a shame wasn’t it?”

> You draw out your own wand now, sidestepping towards your “brother” slowly, thinking you have to keep her away from him.

"i do not know what yoU are going on aboUt, dear. "weird?" is cosplaying and roleplaying really all that weird, why. why yoU or anyone else woUld be jUst as gUilty of being strange then!
why don’t yoU go home?



> She looks a little upset and your eyes lighten up as you examine her. Everything has been so weird lately, you couldn’t possibly work up a means to ~try~ to comfort her. Why would you anyways? She’s not telling you anything and besides, she always tries to kill you each time you come into contact with her.

> Then, well, you suddenly fall in love with her again as your eyes match with her’s. Woah. How could you think such thoughts of her? You remind yourself to punch your own mouth for thinking awful things about her. Almost immediately, you pull her in for a tight embrace.


==> UU: Arrive.

> You finally fucking arrive at the CORRECT pocket. This HAS to be the right one because you can see those two from a mile away. They’re on a… bed? You suppose that Pseudo was right when she said they were pailing. That’s disgusting.

> So, you proceed forward with a look of determination and your wand clutched tightly in your hands.

"alright, what the bloody hell is going on here?"

> You’re just kind of laying against Caelib and holding onto him and wow she just rudely busts in without even knocking. This is incredibly unpolite, though you really expected no less, coming from her. She is so desperate to get her not-bro back when he is obviously just fine right here where he is. And really, you’re going to have to move pockets after this, you can’t have people knowing where your home is.

> You turn your head and face her, glaring right at Callie, and suddenly grin. You are certainly far from scared, despite how much she wishes to come off threatening. And really, you’re the one with the advantage here.

"oh no, dear brother, it is not i who has fUcked Up..
look there, it appears yoUr EX SISTER wishes to steal yoU away again, and wishes to hUrt me no less..
i think yoU shoUld kill her.”

> You let go of Caelib and push away, jumping off of him and untying the chain from the bed.

"ms callie, yoU really shoUld have listened to my advice and jUst gone away. that is all i wanted from yoU, and yoU coUld not even manage that.

> She’s not getting him back, you will make sure of this.


> Why the fuck do you keep getting knocked out? That is just incredible, even for you. Never in your life have you blacked out so many times! Well, you haven’t been knocked out much anyways, this is probably the third time it’s happened. 

> Coming to, you find yourself on a nice little bed and your kismesis sitting on your legs. You lazily look around, about to open your mouth to say something before discovering you’re bound by your legs to the bed post. 

> The fuck kind of circus is this bitch putting on? You think to yourself while sitting up.


> You don’t know. You don’t know anything that’s happening right now but what you do know is that upon looking at you, you are gaining some weird feelings that weren’t there before. They’re not strong or anything, they’re just lingering and you hate it because it’s so alien. They don’t belong to someone already on the opposite quadrant.

> Whatever, you look her right in her dark eye sockets and make sure it’s extra nasty. Her feelings may get easily hurt but you’re not sure if this is going to work very well. You’re so horrible with people, all you really know how to do is torture the shit out of them.

"yoU.. yoU said yoU no longer wished to have the present. and that yoU were.. Um.."

> Nice. You can’t even say it, that he was satisfied with just having you. It sounds a bit ridiculous now that you repeat it in your head, really, who would ever want that? And he’s giving you that death glare. Ouch.

> You could hypnotize him again right here and now, he’s looking right at you afterall, but no of course not, you look down and you feel kinda.. kinda guilty? This isn’t right, is it? Not any more “right” then those alpha kids you kidnapped, you suppose.

> But you’re terribly selfish, aren’t you? He is going to despise you regardless of what you do. And he can’t possibly ever leave you if he’s here.

> You change your mind almost immediately, and look back up, eyes taking on those hypnotizing swirls again. You just want him to kill his sister and cuddle you and stay here forever, is that so much to ask?


wait, no. this is an old one i made a while back.


> Not only was the room weird, but you swear to god something about your sister’s face is off. You place your hands on her face, a little roughly at that, and you turn her head to where the scar is the main focus. 

> It looks so odd? You can’t put your finger on it. You try to remember what her scar looks like- wait! Now you see it! This “scar” just looks like it was put on by a marker, your scars are supposed to look like something was shoved through it.

> She quickly gets onto your feet and so do you, you narrow your eyes at her and watch her carefully.

> You are 100% sure your real sister is not this fast and you are also 100% sure that she does not PUNCH THIS HARD. Unbelievable, you planned on catching her fist and snapping that arm off but it’s like she wizzed past you at super sonic speed. 

> You fly back and hit your head hard against the wall. It was strong enough to knock you out. Nice.

> Dear lord it’s amazing you haven’t killed him accidentally yet. That was probably much more strength then you even needed to put into that. Still, you sigh a touch in relief, then stroll over to him and pick him up.

> You need a moment to think, clearly your hypnotism is rusty and you’re not really going to be able to keep it on him permanently. You think about what you heard, how he made his Jake kill his other humans, you could probably keep it up long enough to have him kill his sister maybe. Then you would have him for yourself.
Either way she’s treading on your territory now and you don’t care much for it anymore.

> You could always shrink him and put him in a bottle.
Nah that’s kind of stupid, even you find that boring.
Back to that sister thing..
You can’t imagine she’d give him up willingly, and once she’s gone he wouldn’t have anything else to worry about. She’s probably going to try and come after you.
That’s foolish. But she is his.. moirail.
You should probably stop trying to look like her. You decide to fade this disguise for now, and just be good ol’ cherubic Cal. (What a laugh.)

> You don’t really quite know what you’re planning. The only thing you really can do for the moment is create a bed to lay him on, and then sit on his legs. You are a bit worried he’ll try to get away or something of the like..
Well! Juju chains never failed in keeping you in place. You figure the same will work for him, and uncaptalogue the chain that used to hold your brother, and place the shackle on Caelib’s good leg. The other end you wrap around the bed post, and secure it by literally just tying it up there.
And now you wait.


She looks nervous, like she isn’t really sure about her costume. It’s a shame really, she actually pulls it off nicely.

"actUally, i’ve never gone to a con in my life. thoUgh i have seen enoUgh of them throUgh dreams and windows i sUppose. makeUp coUld be good, bUt not right off the bat. as yoU’re probably aware, it can be… well, sort of Unpleasent to wear and take off. besides, i know jUst who to cosplay and i’ll only need to change the oUtfit."

You give a wink and let memories shift your pajamas away, replacing them with dark red garments you’ve only thought about daring to make. You kind of doubt anyone would appreciate this costume except maybe Cal herself, so you find yourself grinning hesitantly while looking out over bright red glasses. 

"what can i say, i’m a sUcker for those species swap cosplays. especially those that happened in canon. u///u" You pull the coat around you to hide the fact that as many metal limbs as you’ve possessed in the past you won’t ever be able to create a good memory replica of one. Or a golden one for that matter. Because frankly, you hated the things. But you will go the lengths for cosplay, even so far as cutting off or shaving/shaping your horns. So this was nothing, especially for your dreamself. And besides this was all in fun it seems.

"as far as faygo, anything bUt pineapple or redpop. and if we are going to have slimepie that isn’t actUally sopor, i woUld hope it’s coloUred cheesecake. it is simply the only acceptable replica. lime jello tastes like- well, it’s not very good."

"really, never once not even a single convention..? well i cannot say i am sUrprised entirely bUt i.."

You stare a bit wide-eyed at her as she changes cosplays, and blink at her, unsure what to think of this. It’s not that you don’t like the cosplay, it’s just that you! You, well.
You turn away from her to hold your face in your hands, your very heated and embarrassed and blushing face. (Which actually isn’t really even *your* face per se, you stole it after all.)

"so.. so no makeUp then, right. well it is always easier to go with a costUme that matches yoUr species, so mUch less work in the end, and makeUp can really be a mess. not that it is not possible for Us to.. clean it Up or anything..
that is, a very nice cosplay in any case.”

You don’t know what to think at the moment, you just feel very.. you can’t even gather the proper thoughts. You feel a sort guilty?
You can’t even imagine how you’ve gained a friend of this sort that even cares about you at all. It’s strange. You’re just going to keep hiding behind your hands.

"yes, i was referring to the cheesecake sort i had heard of.. woUld yoU like some? that woUld be no troUble.
bUt what, lime jello, does it taste like bitter ass?
i will not feed ass to yoU, callie ohpeee i assUre yoU that.”