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==>Callie: Wait wasn’t it Wednesday?


Your name is Callie O. Strider and you are, at this moment, one impatient motherfucker. Actually, no, you’re very patent. You’ve waited the week you’ve been taunted with to take action, waiting and waiting until Wednesday, Wednesday, always Wednesday. You guess it’s better than waiting the extra day like your aggressor, Cal, aka Pseudoumbrage, had wished you to. At least there is that. Your Sweepiversery still had hope! Yet here you are, pacing back and forth in front of your computer, half tempted to attempt to teleport to Hell yourself. That was certain to end in temporary death but for god’s sake! You’ve been waiting for hours.

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(( sssooooo as some of you guys know, we’re hitting a con this weekend :U unfortunately it falls smack dab in the middle of long plotty threads and the like, so in the coming week expect a lot of ‘in the past’ threads.
That said if I can get aproval for certain ideas there may just be a long plot drabble later this morning ;U so do watch out.))

Game Time: Cal Vs Calib


==> Caliborn: Begin the final trial.

The elevator lowers and opens into a cage, you can’t see too much outside of it but you finally see her. She waves to you and gives you a cheerful greeting, tossing something aside and pulling out a pair of handcuffs. It isn’t too difficult to figure out what to do next according to her instructions, so you do as you’re told.

You sit down in the cage, back to the bars and your hands behind you.

All that is needed now is further instructions, and you’ll be on your way to winning. And is that gasoline you smell? Huh.

==> Cal: We’ve got a criminal here, cuff him and read him his rights!

You’re pretty surprised he doesn’t have anything snarky to say to you! Not a word! Well good, the quieter he is, the quicker you can get this over with (and the less posts we have to make, hoo hoo!)

You kneel down and go ahead with placing the handcuffs around his wrists, locking them into place. As you do so, you go ahead to explain the set up he must get through.

"I do admit I took a bit of inspiration from a movie I believe to be one of your favourites! You will probably recognize it..
Especially so because in order to even complete this trial you must escape this cell! And then the entire room.”

Finished with this, you stand again, now revealing a key in your hand, and briefly unlock the door to the cell.

"But it won’t be easy, you’ll have an obstacle in your way! The security cameras will not possibly let you through, you *are* a murderer after all."

You pull another thing from your sylladex, this time it’s a tray. It holds the ‘prisoner’s ‘dinner’ (extra rare lamb chops, corn, peas, and a potato, as well as a glass of water and a salt and pepper shaker for accuracy) and a single pen. You like to think you’re so creative and funny. The tray you lay at his feet in front of him.

"You’ll have to take down the security guard in the room (hint: it’s a friend of yours)! And like one of your favoured horror stars, you’ll have to carve the guard’s face off and use it for your own in order to escape!"

On your way out you slam the cell door closed and lock it again, putting away the key and leaving him in there. You back away a bit, smiling at him behind your mask.

"Of course you’ll have to do it all before you die! Do try to be quick, dear, or you might suffocate!
The only thing I have left to say is..”

Your hand exchanges the key for a lit match, and you hold it out over the gasoline at your feet.

"Do remember to drop and roll, dear."

The match falls from your hand and by the time it touches the floor you’re already gone.

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Roxy sees Calliope for the first time and thinks shes ugly so she leaves her to sulk in a pile of used tissues and special stardust…….

Game Time: Cal Vs Calib


==> Caliborn: Jump in, the acid’s fine!

Or not, there’s no fucking way you’re going to just jump in the acid. You aren’t that stupid, plus that would be an automatic loss! And you aren’t going to lose this game.

This room is pretty straightforward as well, and you kneel to mess around with the headpieces while Cal talks about them and explains the trap to you. The glass box kind of reminds you of Saw, minus the cube potentially filling with water while you’re wearing it. You’re trying to weight the pros and cons of either contraption in your head when she mentions that she has somewhere to be.

What the fuck is more important than this? She has terrible game etiquette. You think you’ll give her a proper lesson in the stuff after you win, and maybe after you kick her ass too.

"What, so you aren’t even gonna watch me? Lame. Whatever, bitch. Have fun not seeing how I fucking rock this trial!"

You’re so gonna rock it.

You return to your thoughts, which headpiece would work out better? You have to keep the rod in mind too, that’s important. You don’t want to stumble back in pain and fall into the acid. If she were watching you would go for the fang ripper, hands down, but since she isn’t you don’t see much of a need for showing off. Hm! You think you’ll go with the cube, after all, it isn’t like you haven’t had your horns ripped off before.

Christ, you’ve been through a lot of bodily trauma in the past.

But that just makes you more of a badass! You pick up the box cheerfully and carefully place it on your head, making sure your horns slide into the holes at the top. Simple enough!


The bridge raises and looks safe enough to cross now, but it’s a bit difficult to bend over and pick up the rod. You crouch down, lifting it slowing and trying not to topple over. You didn’t weigh in how much this might weigh, it makes you a bit top heavy.

You inch across the bridge, not too slowly but at a careful pace. You don’t find yourself in too much danger, but the bridge is slick with acid from being submerged. You take your time.

Overall, it doesn’t take you too long to get across to the other side. You step off, onto the button, and hold your breath.

Loud snaps and crunches fill the air as the top of the box spins and tears both of your horns off. It hurts, but it’s more of a shooting pain and a lasting ache than anything. You have a pretty bad headache now though, and you pluck the box off your head as quickly as you can.

The test finished, you toss the box and head into the elevator. Almost done! You can practically taste the victory, and maybe a bit of blood.

==> Cal: Meet him at the finish line.

The elevator goes quite a ways down, certainly taking its time. Which is definitely what you wanted for the moment, but it also skips a bunch of tests you *would* have had him take, had you more time to play with him. Ah the gods are cruel. Oh well!

Nonetheless, you were already there, before he even was. You really want to both spice things up and speed things up, so you have a few fun ideas. Or rather, a few quickly thrown together ideas. You’ll surely never admit you had to toss some things together in a rush, honestly no one should be surprised, as is you literally had the weekend to come up with these things, what a bother on you.
First of all, the moment you got to that testing chamber you put on a gas mask, safety precautions, you know. It won’t help much but it will help long enough.
Second of all, you waved to the mysterious extra guest in the room, who simply gives you a frantic, displeased look. Well, it was no mystery to you who they were, rather a mystery to the reader. Sorry, you’re out of luck onlookers. For the moment.

Moving on, you pull a can of gasoline from your sylladex. Perhaps a BIT cliche.. but it will still do, you’ll make it work. You spread the oil around the testing chamber, leading all the way up to elevator. Just in time too, here comes your little gaming partner.

The elevator itself lowers and opens up into the bars of a cage. There is a door to the cage of course, but it’s most definitely locked.
You toss the canister of gasoline aside and give a wave to mister Umbrage.

"Good to see you made it to your final trial! But I knew you would, dear. I always believed in you, you little gogetter you!"
Ah ‘your’ voice is so lovely muffled and gross sounding, nice.

You wave your hand downwards to the floor, your other hand yanking a pair of handcuffs from your sylladex.

"Now if you would just have a seat with your back to the bars and your hands where I can see them, perhaps I can explain you how to get through this one.
And I assure you, *if* you can get through this mess, you win, I give! You will be far tougher than I ever previously thought and I will hand you my personal congratulations.”


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